Mid Sussex Martial Arts School - Tenshin Kan Dojo UK DNBK ID)

The Mid Sussex Martial Arts School is a traditional 'mixed' Martial Arts Centre, first established in the 1980's.

All training takes place in our highly traditional, permanent & dedicated Dojo just outside Haywards Heath, with ample free 'on site' car parking.

The School operates a ‘not-for-profit’ basis and offers totally free BJA Judo to all Juniors/Youth (aged 8/18 years) in Mid Sussex.

· Judo Fully competitive British Judo Association Judo fro Juniors/Youth & Adults.

· Aikido Traditional Japanese Self Defence for Adults

· Iaido The Sword of Japan for Adults

Also, Special Sessions in ….

· Kendo

· Brazilian Jujitsu

· Karate.

Free & 'No obligation' Trial Sessions available to all.


Classes held every day of the week and at weekends.


The Honbu Dojo, Scaynes Hill.

Who for?


Juniors: 8/16 years.

Youth: 16/18 years

Seniors: 18+years.

How much?

Every first session is free, either to practice or to watch, and can be arranged by contacting us in advance.

Totally free BJA Judo to all Juniors/Youth (aged 8/18 years) in Mid Sussex.

Annual Membership: Juniors & Youth : FREE of Charge

Seniors: £24 per annum

Fees: Juniors & Youth: FREE of Charge.

Seniors: £35 per month for 1 discipline, plus £5 for each additional discipline taken..
Seniors who are Students, UB40 holders or Members of the armed or emergency services charged Junior Rates

Family rates also available.

More info?

Roger Payne:

Tel: 01444 318422

Fax: 0871 714 6369

Email: roger@msmas.org

Website: www.msmas.org


Reiwaryu Ryushinkan School Of Karate-Do.

Traditional Karate is rare, our philosophy of self development and respect for others stems from our classical background tracing its routes directly to the Okinawan Karate of Shorin Ryu.

Reiwaryu Ryushinkan Karate-Do is a non profit organisation with the intention that every individual without discrimination should be able to practice and learn this peaceful and dynamic art. Established in the UK since 1983 our school welcomes all members from the age of 5years+.

All our teachers are enhanced DBS checked, insured, NSPCC trained and first aiders.

We offer Training camps, Seminars from our Japanese Master, Gradings, annual competition and a safe controlled learning environment.

First lesson FREE. We look forward to seeing you!


Tuesday 7-9pm (Children 8+ and adults)

Tuesday 6-7pm (Diddy Deshi - Children 5-7 years)


The Triangle Leisure Centre (and across Sussex )

Who for?

Classes for Adults, Children and Diddy Deshi (special syllabus for 5-8yrs)

How much?

Up to 16yrs £18 per month.

Over 17yrs £28 per month.

More info?

Shihan Piero Barba: 07919 287097 email: piero@ryushinkan.co.uk (Honbu Chu, branch head)



When? Who for?

Monday 7:00pm - 8:30pm (12 - 16 years) and 8:30pm - 9:45pm (16+)

Friday 7:00pm - 8:00pm (6 - 11 years) and 8:00pm - 9:15pm (14+)


Oakmeeds Community College, Station Road, Burgess Hill

How much?

First class is always free and anyone is welcome, wear long sleeves and trousers with no metal (e.g. joggers)

More info?

Email: Seishin@hotmail.com


Tang Sou Dao Karate - Ren Yi Wu Kwan.

Effective self defence, technical excellence, mental discipline, physical fitness. Top martial art founded by an internationally recognised martial art practitioner. Combining the sophistication of ancient Chinese Shaolin tradition with modern teaching methods of today.

Tang - reference to the Tang Dynasty

Sou - hand

Dao - way or method

Ren - humble or respectful

Yi - responsible/dutiful/loyal

Wu - martial

Kwan - academy or school


Tuesday 8-9pm

Saturday 3.30-4.30pm


The Triangle Leisure Centre.

Who for?

Unisex. 6+yrs.
Courses are also available for ags 3-6 - please contact Master Goward for information.

How much?

£24 annual membership fee plus lesson fees. First lesson is free.

More info?

Master Adam Goward 5th Duan (Senior Instructor): 01825 732224




Super kicking, flexibility, power, fitness, self confidence and strength. The ultimate art for fitness and self defence for everyone! Beginners welcome.


Tuesday 7-8pm


The Triangle Leisure Centre.

Who for?

Unisex. All ages welcome.

How much?

Check with contact for this information.

More info?

Gary Wasniewski 10th Dan (Founder and Chief Instructor) World All Styles Martial Arts Champion: 020 8947 1038


White Crane Fighting Arts

We are a traditional martial arts club teaching three martial systems, all derived in one way or another from the South Eastern area of Fuzhou in China. Tiger Crane Combination Kung fu System (Hu Hè Shuang Xing Quan) and the White Crane Soft Boxing system (Shuang Yang Bai Hè Rou Ruan Quan) were believed to originated from the southern Quanzhou shaolin Temple. The Shaolin Dog Boxing Kungfu System (Shaolin DiShu Quan) was a nuns style from opposite the same Temple called (Bai Lian Si) White Lotus temple.


Tuesday and Thursday.

6 -6.45pm - Kids Kung Fu

7 - 8pm - Taichi

8 - 9.30pm - Adult Kungfu

9.30 -10pm - Adult Sparring or Weapons


1st Burgess Hill Scouts Hall, Station Road Scout Hall (Tuesdays)

Instructors Home Training Hall, 20 Mill Road (Thursdays).

Who for?

Unisex. 5+ years.

How much?

Annual Membership £40

Kids Kung Fu - £7

Adults Kungfu £9

Adults Taichi £8

Adults Kungfu & Taichi £13

(there is also a charge for the club uniform. Please view the website below for more information).

More info?

Neil Johnson (Instructor): 07976 260 710



white Crane Fighting Arts logo June 07

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