Pokémon Go Burgess Hill

If you play Pokémon Go on your phone or tablet and you have access to Facebook then why not join the Pokémon Go Burgess Hill group? Here you will find a community of people young and old playing Pokémon Go around the town, sharing pokémon locations, discussing battles and sharing game tips.

The group also arrange to meet up and go pokémon hunting together which is a great way to meet people who are as crazy about Pokémon Go as you are! The group often arrange to drop lures at the main pokéstops in town so that everybody can benefit from a steady flow of pokémon to catch. They also advertise pokémon related events that are happening in the surrounding area.

Pokémon Go is a great way to get outside and do some exercise but you should always remember take care, especially around strangers - whether they are Pokémon players or not. People we don’t know are strangers, and we have to be careful around them, even if they are in a Pokémon gym or know where Pokémon may be hiding. It is very easy to become totally caught up in capturing Pokémon but not being aware of the lamppost you are about to walk into or the crack in the pavement you might fall over – so watch where you are going!

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Press Start to Join

If you are into retro and modern gaming then take a look at the Press Start to Join Burgess Hill events that happen regularly through the year. Press Start to Join have a huge choice of retro as well as the latest consoles and games for you to play on as well as running gaming tournaments and challenges.

Events are advertised on the Press Start to Join website and usually if you are under 16 you will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Join the action on at: pressstart2join.co.uk


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